Our Service to You

Team at GS Education has been successfully working within the education sector for over 13 years. We can help prospective students, education providers and businesses to connect and grow.


This is a dedicated service for students from outside the UK who would like to apply to any prospective university, we can help you meet your dream destination. We can advice, connect and guide you through the application process.

We are not limited or tied to any specific university but can advice, guide and support you as a specialist and support you throughout the process. 

Online Training 

We deliver online training programmes for individuals and groups. We cater individuals you re currently pursuing higher education to individuals who would like to engage in CPDs or even enroll on a short training to enhance their knowledge or work opportunity. 

Educational Tourism

We deliver customized education tours to the UK for student groups over the age of 15 yrs. The tours are a taster to the student life in the UK, development to communication skills especially around English language and culture. An opportunity to visit incredible UK universities, colleges and explore the top study location in the world. If you aspire to study or explore UK as a young start-up etc. This is your opportunity. 

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