Ria I
Founder & Director, 
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I have worked in the UK higher education sector for more than 13 years. I hold strong academic track record, attaining first-class and top student awards in all academic qualifications studied, including Bachelors (Hon) Degree in Electronics Engineering, Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Leadership and Management and Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology. I am a qualified assessor (A1 TAQA) and Internal Quality Assurer (V1).  I am currently engaged on doctoral research in Business Management Research Institute, University of Bedfordshire, UK. Currently, in year 2 of MPHIL/PhD, at Business Management Research Institute, University of Bedfordshire, UK conduct Mixed Method Research. Developing myself by pursing MBA Anglia Ruskin University, UK.

During the last 10 years of my career in Higher Education sector within the UK,  I  had the responsibility of leading College (Business School) as the Head of Centre and Quality Assurance Lead. I have successfully developed and led the implementation of programmes enhancement strategies. I have set out school restructures and the resources utilisation strategies across different awarding bodies. My key focus has been on development and implementation of significant strategies to enhance academic practices across all college (Business Schools). 

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